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Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Sat Jun 23 01:29:03 EDT 2001

I did not participate in the rolling blackout because, if indeed it
damages the machinery that provides us with electricity, for everybody
to jump off at once, I did not want to be a part of that. 
The demonstration was well-publicized, and presumably the power plants
were prepared, but it seems an unnecessary act of "eco-terrorism" if
indeed it was hoped by the organizers that the system would screech to a
The solstice parties must have been fun though. We celebrated with
feasting and revelry, ourselves, in a modest way. 
As Paul sells pesticides, and butterflies, for a living, and as he
regards himself as a good man, he must support and defend his actions. 
When assaulted, he clings to them even more firmly. He needs to believe
that he is right -- we all do. 
I am not reassured by his notion that we are all tinctured with
Malathion anyway ... people my age are also well laced with DDT,
although in my case, as I bore and nursed three children, I got rid of a
good deal of it into them. This makes neither Malathion nor DDT a benign
I have been watching the bats come home and fold themselves away into
the ivy on the Lawson's cypress; the swallows and small birds awake and
take on the massive chore of collecting insects to feed their broods.
Pleasant to see a blue tit or a wren, beak stuffed with leggy things,
perched for a moment to rest and catch her breath before dealing with
the clamoring young. 
I am surrounded by miles of pasture and bog, unsprayed. When I go out to
garden, I use Off, or I get bitten. 
This is a small price to pay for the pleasure of seeing Nature carrying
on her affairs all around me. 
If we could persuade people to plant hedgerows for the mice and birds,
hedgehogs and other small fry, even in suburbs, we could restore some
The pine marten, very rare in Ireland, is returning, accepting hedgerows
instead of the unbroken forests it once preferred. I have a lively
family living in my roof. Hedgerows is the secret. 
I'd like to see those "eco-terrorists" planting trees and shrubs where
they have grassy lawns. I'm sure they're using solar power where
practical, but ... is their community planting wind farms? We're doing
that in Ireland. 
It is tedious to hound the government and big business into a state of
ecological responsibility, but, so deeply worth while. Now that we have
their attention, Wanda ... what about those wind farms? And why
shouldn't you plant meadow or forest around those windmills?
Anne Kilmer
Mayo, Ireland

"Bob Parcelles,Jr." wrote:
> --- Paul Cherubini <monarch at> wrote:
> > Heath, Fred wrote:
> >
> > > Then let's see the other half of your statement:
> > If you turn out
> > > your lights and maybe unplug your TV set you are
> > commiting an act of
> > > terrorism!!!
> >
> > Fred, I took Wanda Dameron's statement below
> > literally:
> >
> > "there will be a voluntary rolling blackout on the
> >  first day of summer, June 21 at 7 pm - 10 pm in any
> > time zone
> > (this will roll it across the planet)."
> >
> > To me a 7-10 pm "Blackout" means the electricity
> > goes off for 3 hours
> > and people crash at intersections, fall down
> > illumnated stairways, the elderly
> > die of heat exhaustion without air conditioning and
> > that sort of thing.
> ######################################################
> Paul,
> The blackout was a voluntary thing,had nothing to do
> with NABA, and merely meant that people all over (by
> the way tens of thousands of people did do this)
> refrained from using electricity. IN many areas people
> actually went to Parks (which remained open) and had
> hootenanys. Ah so nice the sixties...
> I know and so does everyone else that malathion should
> not have contact with humans. How many lives have
> really been saved ? Some people on this list enjoy you
> and even credit you with scientific data. Some points
> you have made (about butterfly releasing) have, at
> least in part,been appreciated by myself. The people
> on this list who try and appear objective and
> partially defend you are worse than you. They know
> better! Come down from your Ivy Towers and recognize
> that we have an establishement captured by corporate
> interests that only wants power and money..the
> environment and personal liberty be damned. This is
> not a Republican-Democrat thing; nor is it a
> left-right thing. Your attacks on Neil Jones and Dr.
> Brower are ridiculus. Your representation of yourself
> as a scientist are even moreso. I believe every word
> of the info Neil as supplied about you.
> I personally am sick of seeing your multiple posts
> everyday with the same challenges and bull s**t! You
> are not only a liar but a cad. Leave Wanda alone also.
> I will myself delete all of your posts and I urge any
> sincere naturalist, amateur lepidopterist or scientist
> to do so also. Those of you that think you must appear
> somewhat sceptical of environmentalist enthusiasm and
> activism, I think, should realize that because you are
> concerned about the environment does not make you a
> "knee-jerk" liberal. Which , actually, might be better
> than than being just a jerk. I consider myself a
> conservative (antiestablishment however) along the
> same lines as my esteemed friend Ron Gatrelle. Lets
> get a life.
> Paul if this post seems flaming, degrading or
> insulting to you than I have partially vented a years
> worth of ire against you. The only way I could get
> full full satisfaction would be to punch you in the
> nose!
> Good lepping and snipeing,
> Bob Parcelles, Jr.
> Pinellas Park, FL
> (Actual address available upon request)
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