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Ron Gatrelle wrote:
> Hank & Priscilla Brodkin wrote
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> > To quote the guidelines:
> > "A count may be held earlier or later than this period [centered around
> > the 4th of July] if this is advantageous for counting butterflies in
> > that area and if the count is held held about this same time each year."
> Knowing we are dealing with brief (informationally incomplete) email
> messages here, I offer this comment on the above out of context bit.
> The problem with this "guideline" is found in the words/terms  "A count",
> "centered", "THE count".  This is still a mono _early July_ annual
> activity. There needs to be bi-annual counts in spring and fall. They need
> to be called the "Spring Count" and the "Fall Count". But this would screw
> up the entire public connectivity of this - we all go out about the same
> time and generate this huge report we can all read about the same time.

Ron -
Is it possible you are misunderstanding what I am saying here? My
problem is I skim read ;-)
 The guideline is saying that each indivdual count is to be held at the
same time each year.
Some counts are in June, others at the end of August depending on the
location.  Probably where the first counts originated the 4th of July
was the optimum time to count.  
But if this is not true in your area you are ASKED to conduct your count
when it is most advantageous. - as long as you do your individual count
around the same time every year.

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