Pine Processionary Moth in Crete

Nick Greatorex-Davies ngd at
Thu May 17 06:13:07 EDT 2001

A colleague of mine has just returned from Crete. On 20th April while
in SW Crete on the south side of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) in
open pine forest, dominated by Pinus brutia, he saw many webs of
largish hairy caterpillars in "huge clumps" seriously defoliating
large branches / parts of trees of the Pinus brutia. I assume these
are larvae of the Pine Processionary Moth (Lasiocampidae: Thaumetopoea
pityocampa). can anyone confirm that this is what they will have


Nick Greatorex-Davies
CEH Monks Wood, Huntingdon UK


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