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Moth enthusiasts:
	I thought the following reply to Leroy may be of some interest to

Hi Leroy:
	A 'slip of the pen'; I meant to say 22-watt. 
	I use 22-watt circline blacklight bulbs in  home-made traps. I took
a look at a spare bulb I have here and it's a Sylvania 350 Blacklight/rapid
start. I use BioQuip's aluminum funnels, make my own baffles (BioQuip's are
too short); and use a bucket that is about 2x the depth of BioQuip's
(BioQuip's are too shallow). For a transformer I buy General Electric
22-watt Circle equipment sold as a replacement for screw-in incadescent
bulbs. Chuck away the lamp and the plastic lamp-holder.  Lengthen the wire
between the transformer and the starter switch. The somewhat bulky
transformer can then be placed several feet away from the trap in a plastic
container to shield it from the weather.
	I run 6 traps at a time from a single generator.  
	I rarely use a 125-watt MV lamp; sometimes with a sheet and
sometimes in a trap. The 125MV possibly attracts more moths but in the
forest situations where I do most of my collecting I find that the lamp
illuminates the trees and foliage for many metres and the moths seem quite
happy top sit on these objects rather than come to the sheet (at close range
these lamps seem to have a deterrent effect). The smaller output from the
22-watt brings them in real close.


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> I read your post on Leps-l and I was wondering what make of 15 watt light
> trap do you have?
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