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I got this in my inbox and I guess like many of us, PS hybrid 9
to hit "reply" all. I wish to share this with all and in good
conscience (see the word science in there?) I have penned a short
reply AT THE END.

Bob Parcelles, Jr.
Estonia Bound with a net!
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> Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 09:30:11 -0700 (PDT)
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> Subject: Re: Butterfly-performance
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> > --- "P.s" <hybrid9 at y...> wrote:
> > > Dear all,
> > > 
> > > A strange request...In june I will be doing a
> > performance, and it
> > > involves the use of ca. 500 butterflies. In short,
> > I will be
> > > sitting
> > > still, naked and covered in a sugarsolution,
> > attracting hopefully
> > > newly emerged butterflies brought for the purpose,
> > to come and land
> > > on
> > > me since I am covered in sugarsolution. This will
> > happen either
> > > inside
> > > or outside, not decided yet, however, it will only
> > last about half hour or so.
> > > Now, I dont know how to go about it, in order not
> > to inflict damage
> > > either do the butterflies or the local habitat. I
> > believe local
> > > specimens is imperative, without knowing for sure
> > (Estonia).
> > > How can I do this in the best way?
> > > 
> > > Any help would be greatly appreciated,
> > ======================
> > Hmmmmmmm! Quite a performance! May I ask is this a
> > public or a
> > semi-private, more *discreet* performance. The
> > reason I ask there are
> > several variables.
> It is a public event;
> www.hot.ee/timespace 
> > 
> > 1) How much of you do you wish to cover? I for
> > instance would need
> > LARGE butterflies.
> [[Could mean you are small, or big, depend on what part
> of your body your are most anxious to cover I
> guess...No, seriously, the butterflies will make that
> choice actually...I thought about 500 +/- would
> suffice to give the desired impression, its not
> imperative that my whole body is covered, far from...]]
> > 2) How LARGE are you? Are you male or female? Oh, I
> > see from your e
> > mail address, you are a "hybrid".
> [[I am a male, but actually I would prefer a female to
> do it for me...However, I doubt that I could find one
> willing in such a short time...So, to answer your
> question; I am 190cm. high, and quite slim.]]
> > 3) Do you have a permit for this?
> [[Not sure what you mean, it is an official event, so I
> would think that is no problem. Last year I
> participated as well, though with a different
> performance, but judging from what the participants
> did then, this is nothing....:)]]
> > 4) Do you intend to wear this "buttefly shirt" for a
> > while, since
> > some species are more active than others? Are you
> > going to be moving
> > around?
> [[I would like to, but I dont know how the butterflies
> would react to that, so sitting still i probably the
> best...]]
>  Why can you only last a half hour or so?
> [[I can last longer, if need be, but there are several
> performances in the program, I am not the only one, so
> it was a rough estimate. I dont know how butterflies
> react, how long they would sit on me etc. Thats why I
> asked my question in the group, you are the
> specialists...]]
> > 5) Is this exibition, excuse me ...performance,
> > inside or outside?
> [[I choose that myself. The performance festival will be
> held in Paide, Estonia. Ideally, from an estethic
> point, outside in the evening would be perfect, but
> from a practical point of view, inside is most
> probable, again dependent on what info about butterfly
> behaviour I get. If inside, it will be in an old
> castle from the middleages. A beautiful building
> btw...]]
> > ask this because outside can be risky. Does Estonia
> > have large,
> > painful ants?
> [[Hope not:)]]
> > 6) I know of breeders who can doe this but it takes
> > time and money.
> > Do you have much time?
> [[Yes,]]
>  [[do you have any money?]]
> [[Yes,]]> 
>  You
> > know butterfies are
> > not for free. I ask this because I have a fear that
> > you may not be
> > gainfully employed. 
> [[In fact I am, as well as being a professional artist.
> I live and work in Holland, though the performance are
> to be held in Estonia this summer, thats why I asked
> about natural habitat etc...]]
> I fear, quite frankly, that you
> > may not have much
> > time before the men in white suits with the nets
> > might "collect" you
> > and return you to your mental hospital. 
> [[Well, thanks for the concern, but since I havent
> escaped in the first place, it is not a question of a
> return as such...]]
> >  
> > 
> > I have I last question...Are you Rene Boutin? :)
>[[ No,
> but thanks for replying at least, I simply dont know
> how to go about it in the best way, so I dared my
> question to the newsgroup, though being classified as
> a lunatic for doing so, I almost anticipated...]]
> Regards
> Petter Sammerud


Dear Petter,

On Leps-List we are light-hearted, jolly group with a few
dark-humored exceptions. We are also the naive reciepients of many
hoaxes and cruel jokes as well as sharp and biting atttacks (flames).
I like to lighten up the list when we get these "hoaxes". I did not
mean to imply that you, a REAL person, are an escaped lunatic. By
your answers and my Psch 101 (I might point out that I am an
ethologist and and therefore an expert in animal behavior!) I have no
reason now to believe you are psychotic. But many of us on this list
(Leps, not Nature Potpourri) are quite neurotic. How else can one
explain our constant bickering over such topics as collecting vrs.
watching, subspecies vrs. race, common names vrs. scientific (see I
did not say English or Latin). My desire to raise $25,000 + to save a
little buterfly that most people can't see and have thrown away with
its weedy host, must appear to be the dreams of a madman. To fight
for more clean water, when I know the growth fascists will use it to
destroy the environment once and for all; must surely make myself and
others certifiable.

I appear to scoff at the "arts". I may appear to wrapped up in
science and critters. But I do like art. I just used Bit Map to draw
a TO for the evergrowing Clean Millenium Movement. Now that is a
laugh when I, just as Mark and Ron know, *we* will not be here for a
thousand years, well some of you will. I dig the classics. Old cars
(I drive a '90 Dodge 4 Wheel drive SUV. (It will be a classic before
I buy another one!). Old music...I am listening to the Beach Boys
right now!. I read old literature...I just reread North with the
Spring, by Edwin Waye teale for the fortieth time! I am reading the
1000 Mile Walk to the Gulf, by John Muir for Monday's radio show. By
the way Petter we have a huge European audience. You can be on by
phone. I will arange for it...after your Performance. I am sure all
will want to hear of this! I like old paintings. I just bought an
original of RT Peterson's last year. One of his "habitat series".
Yes, I am very "artsy". but it is hard to concentrate on it with so
much going on with regard to the worlds's environment, among other

If my post insulted you I am truly sorry. Except for about 500 people
I do not like to make anyone feel badly.I want to be your friend. 

But if I lived in the Balkins, after being a student of history, with
armies poised north and south, I would be looking to greater concerns
than getting sticky in the buff and feeding 5oo bugs!

Yours truly,

Bob Parcelles, Jr.

Bob Parcelles, Jr
Pinellas Park, FL
RJP Associates, C2M-BWPTi
rjparcelles at yahoo.com
"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
- Norman Vincent Peale

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