Do Monarchs need Paul Cherubini?

Bob Parcelles,Jr. rjparcelles at
Sat Apr 20 18:22:46 EDT 2002


You like most people sucumb to the pigeonholing of left and right.
the simple world of yesterday's politics no longer exists. I for many
years was an ardent conservationist and considered my self a moderate
Republican and an economic conservative.


--- Chuck Vaughn <aa6g at> wrote:
> Pat,
> I'm not writing this to defend Paul or attack you or anyone else
> but I have a few observations and comments.
> I don't know you or Paul other than what you write here so if I
> draw any wrong conclusions I apologize in advance.
> >> Many of you treat Paul as an eccentric. That seems very
> reasionable.
> I don't find Paul to be eccentric but to have a very different
> world
> view than you do. It's a view shared by a lot of people. Not
> everyone
> thinks the world is going to hell in a hand basket and that the
> environment is in danger of imminent collapse.

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"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
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