Do Monarchs need Paul Cherubini?

Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Sun Apr 21 13:55:50 EDT 2002

I just checked sent mail and the infernal right carrot has appeared
before the second paragraph, and so I know it did not come through in
entirety. I will try again.

To continue the OT slightly more, the "I own the property" notion is
incorrect. No one 'owns' real estate. Just stop paying property taxes
and see how long you own it, or see how successful you are in stopping
eminent domain proceedings, or attempt to exclude yourself from zoning
ordinances. The reality is that we are 'renting', in a sense, property
use during the short time we have on this earth. Therefore, society can
collectively decide the ultimate fate of a tract of land. From my view
there is a battle going on between those who appreciate the environment
and would like to preserve as much of it as can be done, and those who
want to exploit it irrespective of the cost to the environment. In my
opinion, the former group has good arguments to support their case. The
latter group bases some of their case on a false premise, i.e., that
they 'own' property. Who will win? The one that has the greatest amount
of power. Just look at what is happening in the world and you can see
numerous cases of the slogan "Might makes right."

Chuck Vaughn wrote:
> As an environmentalist or conservationist one would likely say, "Okay,
> no logging. We have to protect this area forever." OTOH, the logger would
> likely say, "Fine about the science but I don't care. I own the property.
> I need to provide for my family. I meet a demand in the market. Keep
> the government out of my private property." As a result the two sides
> are at each other's throats. It's not too hard to see why the logger
> might want to stiffle science.


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