help identifying a Spinx moth

Eric or Pat Metzler spruance at
Thu Apr 25 19:48:23 EDT 2002


This is Manduca sexta, called either the tomato hornworm or the tobacco 
hornworm, depending on which book you have.  It is in the family 
Sphingidae, otherwise called hawkmoths for the adults, or hornworms 
because the larvae often have a distinct spine-like projection from near 
the end of the abdomen, or spinx moths because the the way caterpillars 
position their head, thorax, and front abdomen when disturbed.

I make this next comment for the good of the order.  It is extremely 
helpful to use your photo software to reduce the size of the photo when 
posting it to this site or a web site.  Also, a general overall photo of 
the bug in addition to the extreme close-ups would be very helpful.

Good luck,

Eric Metzler
Columbus OH

Donald Leinbach wrote:

> I have photographed a very large moth (wingspan 4-5 inches) and I cant
> find the creature in any of my limited collection of insect photo
> books.
> I am located in Key West, Florida and my photos of this moth are
> located at the following URL:
> I would be grateful for any identification information.
> Thanks
> Don Leinbach


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