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Hi Anne,

Welcome back to dry land and access to cyberspace. The Project is
awaiting funds from grants and donations to print a large quantity of
the beautiful Miami Blue Butterfly ID Brochure and enable
distribution of it throughout south Florida. Jose and the 5 Regional
Directors will be the assembly points for this brochure. 

As always, as you well know, money talks. But so does grass-roots
involvement and the contributions of time and money by many different
types of individuals led by people of science with many years of
experience. We are going to apply for even more grants after the
education phase. It is quite heartwarming to have so many NABA
members call and write asking to participate after the magazine
article which I considered demeaning to our cause and our motives as
well as our backgrounds. I have taken steps at high Interior Dept
levels to recognize our worldwide effort and we are the Miami Blue
Butterfly Restoration Project. 

We will be most open to liaison with any small groups who insist on
having there own efforts. Any activities contrary to our purpose or
the well being of the butterfly will be met with legal remedies until
this is listed and government bodies are able to enforce the law and
proper procedures. We are concerned about "token" programs.

Neither TILS or C2M are involved in a self-promoting campiagn nor are
its leaders. 

Bob Parcelles, JR.
Endangered species Biologist
Chairman and Project Manager
Miami Blue Butterfly Restoration

--- Anne Kilmer <viceroy at GATE.NET> wrote:
> My very dear fellow butterfliers,
> I have received this letter from Jeff Glassberg. As far as I know,
> the 
> only Miami Blue project being carried on by the NABA Miami Blue and
> Atala Chapters is the Miami Blue Butterfly Restoration Project,
> which 
> many of you are already involved in.
> As you know, I am one of the founding members of the Atala Chapter,
> and 
> have been an enthusiastic and active member of NABA since its
> earliest days.
> Unless there is another project I don't know about, Jeff is
> therefore 
> endorsing this project. So those of you who have hesitated can jump
> in 
> without qualms.
> Connie Clark has sent a CD with the text for the Gardening for 
> Butterflies and Children in South Florida book to Lee, at the
> Mounts, 
> and with  a few small changes it will be ready to print and
> distribute.
> I won't trouble you all with these minuteae but will write those
> involved.
> Please email me and Jose Muniz <jmuniz at> if
> you 
> wish to join the Miami Blue Crew and help with this project, and we
> will 
> be delighted to put you to work.
> We will have no extra problems if the butterfly is listed as
> endangered, 
> since the permit can be held by one of the organizations involved,
> and 
> legal issues will be settled, as they have been for the Schaus 
> Swallowtail, so that all private individuals involved will be
> covered.
> No action may be taken in this project without specific permission
> from 
> the Governing Body of the Miami Blue Butterfly Recovery Project.
> Happy Gardening
> Anne Kilmer
> Task Force Director
> Miami Blue Butterfly Restoration Project
> 4/9/2002
> Dear Ms Kilmer,
> Thank you for your recent message regarding Miami Blues.  The North
> American
> Butterfly Association (NABA)has initiated efforts to save Miami
> Blues.  NABA
> petitioned the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to list Miami Blue as
> an
> endangered species, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has found
> that the
> petition provided substantial information that listing this species
> may be
> warranted.  Because NABA is vitally interested in the conservation
> of this
> butterfly, we are continuing our efforts on the butterfly's behalf
> by
> organizing activities to study and conserve it.  We encourage all
> responsible individuals who are interested in this butterfly to
> join NABA's
> efforts on its behalf.  At the local level, these efforts are being
> led by
> the NABA-Miami Blue and NABA-Atala chapters.  Interested parties
> should
> contact these chapters. Contact information can be found at the
> NABA web
> site,
> Again, thank you for your interest.
> Sincerely,
> Jeffrey Glassberg
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> Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2002 5:58 AM

Bob Parcelles, Jr
Pinellas Park, FL
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