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I found this quite energising.

Democrat And Chronicle (Rochester, NY)
Daily Digest
Nine-year-old Blake Wichtowski can appreciate the power of the pen.
His award winning essay on helping the endangered Karner blue butterfly
caught the attention of Dr. Jeff Wyatt veterinarian for the Seneca Park

Wyatt talked to Monroe County Officials about helping the Karner, which
is the states smallest endangered butterfly.
On Thursday county executive Jack Doyle not only honored Blake for
being the New York State winner of the Mutual of Omaha insurance
company's essay contest about endangered species, but also said the
county would help Blakes cause.

Blake who lives in Honeoye, Ontario County, wrote an essay that
proposes planting this butterfly's favorite food: blue lupine

So the county is setting aside about a half-acre of land at the greater
Rochester International Airport to grow lupines.
"It's a helping hand" Wyatt said.
In about two years seeds from the Lupines will be harvested and sent to
the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, where several hundred Karner blue
butterflies can be found.

Doyle also said that the Seneca Park Zoo would participate in the
nation wide Conservation Initiative, which brings together government
and nongovernment groups to aid endangered butterflies.

The zoo has built a gazebo to breed Monarch butterflies and with the
Senior Health Alliance of Greater Rochester, is creating five butterfly
gardens at local nursing homes.
-James Goodman

Phyliis Baker, Vice-Chair for Support, Miami Blue butterfly Restoration
Project/Project Manager, MBBRP for IEES gave this to me. 

Thank you Phylis,


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