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Mark Walker MWalker at
Fri Jan 4 22:32:27 EST 2002

This thread is getting more interesting by the minute.

It is somewhat laughable, though, how the structure of finger pointing and
the resulting justification/rationalization can be so identical independent
of the particular alleged offense or from which extremist position one might
be arguing from.  The only thing missing from this thread is the creation of
an "Eco-terrorist Rogue's Gallery", and a harsh reference to the "convicted
felons".  Can someone please work on that?

Actually, after the last few posts (particularly the one from John
Fleckenstein), I can't tell whether I'm outraged over a scandal or an
exaggeration.   Sound familiar Paul Cherubini?

Oh well.  Does anybody know if there has been any ACTUAL evidence of the
Canadian Lynx in these Washington forests - or on these scratching posts?  I
assume so, in which case the alleged offense seems to lack a malicious
motive - but if not, I find the covert lab testing explanation troublesome
at best.  I don't quite like the bank robber analogy, though.  Perhaps a
more accurate (and close to home) analogy would be for Homeland Security
officers to secretly plant bombs in targeted terrorist suspect's baggage as
a test of airport security.  While the test results may be desirable,
there's something grossly wrong with the methodology.  The whole thing
stinks even worse if the goal of the biologists was, as I believe was
suggested by someone, to uncover potential false survey reporting on behalf
of pro-development lobbyists.  I seem to recall a recent U.S. President who
was forced to resign after having a similar mindset. 

Mark Walker
Oceanside, CA


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