Thanks Uncle Sam

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Sat Jan 5 08:06:35 EST 2002

Like most (??all??) of us, I have no first hand knowledge of the Lynx events,
and Mark provided an
analysis of possibilities, including a new interpretation as follows:

"The whole thing stinks even worse if the goal of the biologists was, as I
believe was
suggested by someone, to uncover potential false survey reporting on behalf
of pro-development lobbyists."

But I wonder why it "stinks even worse....".
Considering the frequency with which environmental consultants hired by
developers MISS important species when they are present, it wouldn't have seemed
Draconian at all to seek some independent validation.  Sloppy and unorthodox,

We have some threatened species in NJ which are easy to overlook if that is your
mind set, and hard to find if you're really looking for them.
You can spend many days in the field in the Pine Barrens without seeing an adult
Pine Snake, but appropriate methods will readily reveal their presence. But
there is no law that mandates that consultants use "appropriate methods" or even
that they be familiar with them.  You don't have to plant Pine Snakes or their
"sign", just know how to look for them.

Mike Gochfeld



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