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Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Mon Jan 7 15:53:28 EST 2002

Mark is very eloquent as usual, but aren't there any butterflies

Mark Walker wrote:
> Neil wrote:
> <much snippage>
> He has obviously been supplied as a
> > "rent-a-quote" by somebody.
> Everyone here by now knows that I do indeed have somewhat of a slant to my
> views.  In other words, I do tend to be 'labelable', though I don't like
> labels and consider them a sign of ignorance (how's that for a piece of
> hypocrisy).  On the other hand, I often find myself lacking strong opinion
> and enjoy playing the position of devil's advocate (hmmmm, I'd prefer it if
> the position of inquisitive indifference were more historically associated
> with the winning side, but that's English for you).
> Anyway - I once again find it amusing that both sides frame their arguments
> so similarly.  How often indeed have we heard our friend Mr. Cherubini argue
> against the very same problem?  I don't think he has ever referred to it as
> a "rent-a-quote" problem, but that's as succinct a way of describing it as I
> can think of.  I seem to recall a number of names that keep showing up, for
> example, in all those Monarch doom and gloom reports that are so popularly
> printed.  Same names, and they always have soooo much to say (er, quote).
> Anyway - it would do us all good to recognize that we're not so different
> after all, and that our arguments and concerns are equally valid and equally
> absurd.
> Mark Walker
> Oceanside, CA
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