Lycaena dione OD issue

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One of my current projects is a conservation status assessment of the BC
population(s?) of Lycaena dione. As is so often the case I find strange
things when tracking down something as seemingly simple as original
descriptions and publication dates. In this case the literature presents
1868, 1869 and 1870 as the publication dates for this butterfly and
references two entirely different sources. Courtesy of Sean Mullen I have a
valid OD published in 1868 in the proceedings of the boston society of
natural history. I now need to lay my hands on a copy of the other version
of the OD "Scudder, S.H. [1869?1870?]. A preliminary list of the butterflies
of Iowa. Trans. Chicago Acad. Sci. 1(2): 326-337". My suspicion is that the
butterfly was described twice but of course I need to get the trans. chicago
acad. sci. version to test that suspicion. If anyone can help with a copy of
said document plse drop me a line. Many thx.

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