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Wed Jan 9 14:07:29 EST 2002

Dear Larry Gall,
    The message I posted today, January 9th at 11:18am was a draft.  A power surge occurred and the message was sent before I had edited it.  The following is the final form.
Dear Larry,
    You posted an excellent message several months ago stating the guidelines for subscribers to the Leps-L List.  Included were points such as discussing Lepidoptera-related topics only, being polite, stopping personal attacks, being succinct, and refraining from off-topic subjects.  This list has evolved into a handful of people using it as a public forum while hundreds of others remain a captive audience.  Many subscribers have addressed this subject and suggested using the delete button with abandon.  I do not think we should have to do this anymore.
    I am one of many who do not enjoy Anne Kilmer's posts.  She uses this List as if it were a newspaper column.  She does attack others in a cloaked way and her dark sarcasm is not appreciated.  I have received many off-list messages from those who have made the same observation.  Until now, I have never posted on this List unless I had something informational or helpful to say about Lepidoptera.  I also believe that Ron Gattrelle and Paul Cherubini think this is their list and use it accordingly.  If you are not troubled by their diatribes, then perhaps I should consider unsubscribing.  
    I understand that this very post is off-topic, but I took the liberty once, in order to bring forth publicly, what many think privately.  Also, thank you to those on this List who are routinely helpful and add interest for others on so many topics related to Lepidoptera.
Valerie Passoa
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