Paul Cherubini monarch at
Wed Jan 9 14:43:44 EST 2002

Charles Bird wrote:

> Am I doing the right things? Can any of you recommend other, or
> better, methods?

I use the same methods. Vapona is by far the most effective chemical 
available for protecting against dermestid infection and all the other
bugs that get into bug collections.  In the USA, Home Depot 
carries the "Hot Shot" Brand of 18% Vapona strips for only $4.99 each.

Here in California, Vapona is also the #1 insecticide used by
food processors to protect dried fruits, nuts, beans, dried flowers,
animal feeds and grain products in storage from attack by dermestids 
and indian meal moths.   Whole warehouses and food processing plants
are treated like this:
Pyrethoid insecticides have been found to be much less effective.

Paul Cherubini


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