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> Protection is the best defense against Dermestids. I store all my
specimens in steel cabinets that are air tight and light type. Once a year
I use moth crystals in the cabinet. I store all my papered material and
material on spreading boards in another steel cabinet with shelves that is
air tight and light tight. I keep moth crystals in this cabinet at all
times. I have other papered material in a freezer. Should I receive
material from others, a week in the freezer, then onto a spreading board. I
use nothing in the drawers nor do I leave specimens out over night. Even my
papered material are in tupperware containers.

> I have not seen a Dermestid in 20 plus years in my collection or in my
home where my collection is kept. Works for me.
> Cheers,
> Leroy C. Koehn
> Georgetown, KY

Dittos on all the above.  25 plus years of nothing in the drawer in my
metal cabinets - just PDB or Moth flakes in the cabinet door.  I only
occasionally have a problem with stuff in my 50 Redwood Schmitt boxes,
where I use the little screen top boxes made by bio quip -- most have foam
bottoms so PDB is not an option as it melts the plastic.  I have used Raid
to spray the inside lid of these and it works.
I just let it "dry" before I close the lid back.

Ron Gatrelle


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