Fw: Re: NABA proposes policy that could harm nearly 1,000,000 Painted Ladies

Paul Cherubini monarch at saber.net
Sat Jan 12 13:41:48 EST 2002

M.B. Prondzinski wrote:

> I suspect you are misinterpreting this proposal by assuming that the
> butterflies in question should be "painted" by the "releasers..."  I
> would assume quite the opposite:  that the BREEDERS who sell the
> butterflies (and have the experience handling live butterflies) should
> "mark their merchandise" BEFORE distributing them to the consumer...
> See how easy it is to "misconstrue" what one reads when one is
> "prejudiced"?!

No, Insect Lore does not ship its 1,000,000 Painted Ladies to "releasers" 
in the adult stage. It ships them in the caterpillar and chrysalid stage.
So the chore of painting colored dots on the adult butterflies would fall
upon the releasers who have no experience in handling the fragile adult 
Painted Lady butterfly.

For example, if someone in your family died at age 88 and you ordered 88
Painted Ladies from Insect Lore to be released at the funeral, Insect Lore
would send you 88 little pyramid shaped boxes several days ahead of
the date of the funeral. Inside each box there would be a Painted Lady
chrysalid that will have been timed hatch a day or two before the memorial 
service.Thus you would have to bear the burden of opening each little release
box in your house or office and then capture and forcibly hold down 
the frisky little butterfly in order to try and paint dots on 
each one. 

Why doesn't Insect Lore ship Painted Ladies in the adult stage for 
release?  In the case of schools, the whole point of shipping the kids anything
is so that the they can observe the development of the caterpillar and
chrysalis stage.  In the case of weddings and funerals, adult Painted 
Ladies are too fragile to withstand overnight shipping without some 
dying.  It would be a real downer, for example, if funeral mourners were 
to discover alot of the Painted Ladies they received were dead at the time 
of the memorial service.  

Paul Cherubini


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