Vanessa at night

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Mon Jan 21 04:53:25 EST 2002

Niklas Wahlberg wrote:

> Yep, on warm starry nights with a full moon. How many moths have you
> identified to species, genus, family, without an artificial light after the
> sun has gone down? How many moths have you seen actually flying without any
> source of artificial light? 

I have about 200 butterfly bushes (Buddleia davidii) in my rural backyard
in northern California. On warm, full moon nights in summer I have no 
trouble seeing moths nectaring on these flowers without using a flashlight. 
True, I have to catch the moths to ID them.

Likewise out in the remote Nevada desert, far from human civilization, 
I find it easy to see moths nectaring on Rabbitbrush flowers on warm moonlit 
nights.  I've never seen any butterflies nectaring or flying at night (away from
artificial light sources) 30 minutes or more after sunset.  



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