animal torture for pleasure

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Mon Jan 28 11:34:22 EST 2002


> I have, myself, even recently began to wonder about for example, the
> "Discovery Channel" itself, in terms of the validity of some of what is
> being shown,

The Discovery Channel channel, TLC, etc. are full of outright pseudo-science
programming. Even some of the better shows have a pseudo-science element.
It is virtually impossible for the average person to separate real science
from pseudo-science in these shows.

> and whether the "anti-scientific" element (which is to me is an
> essential part of the animal activist movement).

There's an anti-scientific element in the whole environmental movement.
That element spins the science or adopts pseudo-science whenever the
real science doesn't fit their agenda. The agenda is humans manipulate
nature with the help of scientific discovery and technological innovation,
manipulation of nature is bad, therefore humans are bad for nature and need
to be stopped.

> Here in my own stste, the recent post by
> the "local authority" that two Elfins had been successfully petitioned for
> "listing" was regarded by local "watchers" as a victory. Over whom, do you
> suppose?

"Nature" over humans.

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