animal torture for pleasure

Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Mon Jan 28 20:02:50 EST 2002

Chuck Vaughn wrote:
> The Discovery Channel channel, TLC, etc. are full of outright pseudo-science
> programming. Even some of the better shows have a pseudo-science element.

Channel 8 broadcasted from Arizona State University has had some real
phony science presented to the public as valid theories and science. 
For example, I once saw a theory of why the human species walks
upright.  The theory was that some time in the remote past a primitive
tribe of human ancestors had to run into a lake or ocean to escape
something.  The further out they went, the deeper the water got. 
Because they were walking on all fours, they would have drowned. 
However, one of the 'females' of the tribe did an unexpected thing.  She
got up on two feet, thereby elevating herself above the water surface. 
The others in the tribe observed this and followed suit. From that day
on man's ancestors walked upright.  G-r-o-a-n.....

I have wondered how such hoaky science could be broadcasted as
legitimate.  It bothers me because it really misinforms the unwary
public.  I was told (hearsay?) that television stations can get away
with this kind of practice because the program is classified as
'entertainment'.  Does anyone else have some better understanding of


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