animal torture for pleasure

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Well said.

Something else I didn't mention: From the Discovery Channel, one would
believe that bears are out to eat humans at every turn...


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> Alex,
> > I have, myself, even recently began to wonder about for example, the
> > "Discovery Channel" itself, in terms of the validity of some of what is
> > being shown,
> The Discovery Channel channel, TLC, etc. are full of outright
> pseudo-science
> programming. Even some of the better shows have a pseudo-science element.
> It is virtually impossible for the average person to separate real science
> from pseudo-science in these shows.
> > and whether the "anti-scientific" element (which is to me is an
> > essential part of the animal activist movement).
> There's an anti-scientific element in the whole environmental movement.
> That element spins the science or adopts pseudo-science whenever the
> real science doesn't fit their agenda. The agenda is humans manipulate
> nature with the help of scientific discovery and technological innovation,
> manipulation of nature is bad, therefore humans are bad for nature and
> need
> to be stopped.
> > Here in my own stste, the recent post by
> > the "local authority" that two Elfins had been successfully petitioned
> for
> > "listing" was regarded by local "watchers" as a victory. Over whom, do
> you
> > suppose?
> "Nature" over humans.
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