Ban on nearly all Collecting

Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Thu Jul 11 03:24:31 EDT 2002

The German ban on nearly all collecting of lepidoptera disturbs me
because I have to wonder, if it happened in Germany maybe it could
happen here in the U.S. However, could it be that it is easier for such
law(s) to pass because of german culture and society? For example, I
understand the research environment is structured in such a manner (at
least in the universities) that makes it is difficult for someone to be
more independent (relative to the U.S.) because usually the researcher
is under more stricter control by an alleged 'expert' in the field. This
is probably not exactly correctly stated, but I do know it is a problem
that is causing somewhat of a brain drain due to Ph.D.'s leaving Germany
to other countries (like the U.S.) where research conditions are better.
I can well imagine the benefactors of the system in Germany would be in
favor of laws that restrict collecting because it would reinforce their
own positions of authority.

Does anyone have some better insight as to what factors might make it
easier for collecting restrictions to become law in Germany relative to
the U.S.? Could German culture and society be a factor (if it is easier
for such restrictions to become law in Germany)?


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