Help Identifiying a Caterpillar

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Thu Jul 11 08:45:06 EDT 2002

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> Hi,
> My mother-in-law just gave my daughter a caterpillar that she found in
> her house.  My daughter would like to see it turn into a butterfly or
> moth.  I know that each species eats different things and I sure don't
> want this guy to starve because of our ignorance.  We live in Houston,
> Texas.  She has azaleas, lantana, and a willow tree in her back yard
> and a pine tree and a magnolia tree in her front yard.  This guy is
> tan with what I can only describe as eyes on his body.  He has a
> single horn.  The closest picture that I found on the internet is of
> an Elephant moth, Deilephila Elpenor.  Can anyone help me identify
> this guy?
> Thanks,
> N.



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