Gay Admirals - and other stories

Mark Walker MWalker at
Thu Jul 11 19:55:51 EDT 2002

Hmmmm.  A priori apologies for the following:

You know, when Neil Jones responded so badly out of context to my original
post (which somehow initiated this anti-homosexual thread), I decided not to
even acknowledge it.  I mean, he so blatantly missed the whole point I was
making - which was how WRONG it would be had I made such a grossly
hypocritical error as to condemn others while being myself quite worthy of
condemnation - and instead used this point to accuse me of being
anti-homosexual, bigoted, and narrow minded because of my well
self-publicized belief in Jesus Christ.

Interestingly, this bigoted point of view goes completely against the actual
teachings of Christ and even Judaism, but is constantly misrepresented both
by the hypocrites and the folks who have been duped to base their whole
belief systems on their hypocrisy.  Instead, Christ found it appropriate to
love and lay down his life for homosexuals, just as he did me - the chief of
all sinners, but I digress...

Neil has also publicly accused me of having a chip on my shoulder against
him primarily because of his public (and intellectually superior)
"debunking" of my faith in God.  Oh, if he only knew how wrong he is indeed.
In fact, my disdain for Neil Jones is a characteristic of the flesh -
stimulated primarily by a humanistic dislike of the self-propagated
electronic version of who I've come to know as "Neil Jones".  The truth of
the matter is that it is because of Christ that I seek a way to love and
tolerate Mr. Jones in spite of my natural polarization against him - well,
some of the time I manage to pull this off, anyway.  I'm still a work in
progress, I'm afraid.

The fact of the matter here, regarding homosexuality, is that I have no
animosity whatsoever for those who have chosen this alternative lifestyle.
As I've posted here before, I do in fact have friends who are same-sex
persuaded.  I'll look forward to new ones in the future.  I don't, however,
share this lifestyle - and I can't honestly embrace it on account of the
Bible that Neil (and the presidential character in "West Wing") have so
inappropriately quoted.  What is described in the Bible is simply God's
definition of sin, and as I've made it very clear here - I fail in many
other categories.  So much so, in fact, that I have no business pointing
condemning fingers at anyone (not even Neil Jones).

So that's about all I have to say on this strictly forbidden topic - so sue
me if you've chosen to read it and it offends you.  As for the Subject
title, well - I was a sailor for 6 years and met more than my share of
amorous shipmates.  None of them had Admiral status, however...

Mark Walker.

Martin Bailey wrote:

> Dear Alex,
> I have been quite sick from gastric-enteritis.  So I have had little
> energy
> to do anything.  It, therefore, was quite a pleasant surprise to find a L.
> rubrofasciata  lurking in the junipers outside my front door.  I ran back
> inside and grabbed a spare net.  ( I leave my favourite one in my
> vehicle.)
> Success!
> Problem.  Whenever I go to Vancouver, B.C. I stay at a friend's place.  He
> is homo-sexual.  What is your position on fellow travellers?  Straight
> people such as myself who have gay friends.  Do you still want the
> specimen,
> or would you prefer I let it go?
> Martin.
> p.s. The friend is a pathologist.  Needless to say, he is an expert on
> human
> taxonomy.
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