Neotropical unknowns

Floyd Lucas floyd_lucas at
Fri Feb 21 12:52:17 EST 2003

Hi Guys

I am a recent member of this list and actually quite new at looking at 
butterflies (was actually birding when I first got an interest).  I actually 
joined the list so that I could learn more about butterflies. Actually, I 
really should have more entomology experience (I'm doing my Masters at 
University of the West Indies, Trinidad)but have never been that interested 
even though I'm a Biology major. Its interesting to see that some of you 
guys were in Trinidad.

I agree with Tony, in my short experience, the rainy season is way better 
for butterflies.  But Northern Range (where Asa Wright Nature Centre is 
located)is not the best place for leps.  South Trinidad, where there is more 
low land forest is MUCH better in terms of diversity and numbers.  Of course 
there are no such facilities as Asa Wright in South Trinidad.  However, 
there are birding tours that may visit areas in South Trinidad and you can 
probably piggy-back on those.

For the record for non-birders, the birding at Asa Wright is great, 
relatively high for such a small area and so is the orchid diversity (in the 
Arima Valley).

Floyd Lucas
Department of Life Sciences
University of the West Indies

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