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Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Wed Jul 9 16:01:15 EDT 2003

Stan wrote:

> I disagree. I have read Science (published by the American Association for
> the
> Advancement of Science) for over 10 years. _Numerous_ research results
> have been
> presented related to global warming and climate change during this time.
> These
> were by researchers, not media and lobbyists. The common lay person does
> not
> read Science and other scientific journals to get information on global
> warming.
> The media fills this gap, but because it is fulfilling a function for
> which it
> was designed, it would be inappropriate to therefore say that the media is
> responsible for 'crying wolf' or spreading hysteria, so to speak. With
> respect
> to lobbyists, what sort of lobbyists are you referring to? I am sure the
> Exxons
> are not lobbying to reduce the consumption of oil because of global
> warming
> considerations.

Are you suggesting that there has not been an embracement of the notion of a
global warming trend by the media or by environmental lobbyists?  You must
be joking.  If no one is getting the message, why have there been numerous
legislative discussions on Capital Hill regarding the issue?  I didn't
suggest that the media fabricated the issue - just that they have propagated

Anyway, my post was principally a question.  Is the planet warming?  If so,
is this due to a normal cycle, or is it (as has been suggested by scientists
AND media AND lobbyists) the result of human habitation effects?



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