Need help with butterfly id

Dr. James Adams jadams at
Wed Mar 12 13:34:23 EST 2003


         I agree with the Swamp Metalmark (partly because the location in 
Missouri you mentioned has bascially just Calephelis muticum; borealis has 
been taken farther north and east).  I also agree with the Silvery 
Checkerspot.  It is slightly unusual in appearance on the upperside (the 
hindwings have fewer black markings, being more uniformly orange), but 
there is no doubt of the identification.  I *don't* think the Thorybes is 
confusis, however; the spotting is just a little too large for confusis -- 
my tentative id is bathyllus, though I'm not 100% positive.

         Those are my thoughts!


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