Need help with butterfly id

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Wed Mar 12 13:32:58 EST 2003

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> Donna,
>          I agree with the Swamp Metalmark (partly because the location in
> Missouri you mentioned has bascially just Calephelis muticum; borealis
> been taken farther north and east).  I also agree with the Silvery
> Checkerspot.  It is slightly unusual in appearance on the upperside (the
> hindwings have fewer black markings, being more uniformly orange), but
> there is no doubt of the identification.  I *don't* think the Thorybes is
> confusis, however; the spotting is just a little too large for
confusis --
> my tentative id is bathyllus, though I'm not 100% positive.
>          Those are my thoughts!
>          James

Interesting what you said about the Thorybes.   I had the same thought and
even considered if it might be a Cogia species or something else that may
have strayed into the area from the southwest.  But a very boldly spotted
bathyllus won out.   Ron


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