Monarch Extinction (substantial evidence?)

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Mon Nov 17 09:05:27 EST 2003

Pat Foley wrote:

> your photographs provide evidence that there is little degradation.
> I have not called your view speculation. I have said that you need
> to back it up and submit quantitative evidence for peer review.

Pat, consider the practical implications of what you are saying.

Some of the indigenous Mexicans living in the monarch sanctuary
region are aware of the American monarch extinction press releases
which claim "in the last 30 years, nearly half the prime forest in the
[Mexican overwintering] area has been degraded or destroyed."

Now consider, hypothetically, if one of these indigenous Mexicans
such as Eligio Garcia
wanted to go to reporters himself with current and historical
aerial and ground photos of the Monarch reserves that show
there has been little degradation.  Should Eligio's photos
be dismissed by the American/Canadian/UK public and scientific
community simply because they have not been been submitted
and accepted as sound evidence by a peer reviewed
scientific journal?

If so, then the indigenous people living in the sanctuary  region
would be locked into a defenseless position.

Paul Cherubini


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