Monarch Migration Predicted to be Extinct within 16 years

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> Did Brower blunder? Or did he warn? Is the habitat in Mexico secure now?
> Brower gets ten more years on his "blunder", based on the quote you
> link. And note, Brower is not claiming that Monarchs will be extinct in
> ten years, he is claiming that the Eastern migratory phenomenon is
> likely to be extinguished. I think Brower may be wrong, partly because
> he was right to push for the protection of the overwintering sites. But
> I also think that the migratory phenomenon is more fragile than you do.
> At some point of overwintering mortality in Mexico, the Eastern monarch
> population is going to be under strong selection to avoid it.

_IF_ pretty much everyone agrees that this is not a matter of potential
species extinction but preservation of a phenomenon (strategy actually),
then why is the _phenomenon_ so important? Humans are the only creature on
earth that is aware of this phenomenon is and what it is about.

Knowing this is really about a phenomenon (like Old Faithful) tells us why
we now have a growing multimillion dollar tourist industry growing about
it.   Fly the thousands of Monarch Tourists (or shallow phenomenon
tourists?) on fossil fuel guzzling planes to Mexico full, build facilities,
throw in a few night spots, bars, build, pollute, destroy X patch of trees
(no Monarchs in it so its OK) and build the motel with a great view, and on
and on.

Sorry, if this is just about preserving a phenomenon for _our_
enviro-industry enjoyment I want nothing to do with it.   I'd rather hear
Brower talk about potential extinction - that would merit millions for

Ron Gatrelle

PS  Evolved phenomenon (like flight or lack thereof) are transitory.  We
humans tend to want to keep only those that appeal to our romantic
prejudices.   An insect sucking nectar from a flower is great - plant
flowers.  An insect sucking blood from us is horrible - kill all the
mosquitoes.   HUmmmmm, well, this has to be.... I bet there is, or will
soon be, a mosquito abatement program at the Monarch overwintering site as
tourist don't put up with nasty biting or stinging BUGS!!   If this was
such an important and delicate area, than it should have all the local
people moved out, no tourists allowed, and the entire region returned to a
pristine wilderness sanctuary only accessable by scientists.  I mean you
can't walk on Old Faithful the last I checked.

PPS   Don't anyone get on my case, as sarcasm and overstatement is good for
self reflection - esp. to egotists.

PPISSISS I did. What happened to Tampa Bay???  Go Colts!!!!


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