Monarch Migration Predicted to be Extinct within 16 years

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Tue Oct 7 23:04:17 EDT 2003

> Stan wrote:
> Mary Beth wanted me to post the following message in Leps-L:

> These large numbers [ of Painted Ladies] seemed to be a
> phenomenon restricted to the middle regions of the US, including
> Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, etc. at least from the
> variety of "sightings" that were reported.

Yes, the big Painted Lady outbreak this past summer and early
fall appears to have been centered in Iowa and surrounding states.
Iowa is one massive monoculture of corn and soybeans
yet it provided the habitat to support this huge outbreak of
Also, nowadays a sizable chunk of this corn is Bt corn
and most of the soybeans are Roundup Ready soybeans
Paul Cherubini


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