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Thu Oct 9 02:09:14 EDT 2003

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From: "Paul Cherubini" <monarch at saber.net>
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> Ken Davenport wrote:
> > In the end, as Ron Gatrelle commented...the Monarchs (or other
butterfly species) are the ultimate witnesses or authorities.>

> Yes, but how can the public find out how well the monarch is
> doing?  They must rely on the monarch scientists / conservationists
> to tell them the results of the monarch population measurements that
> have been conducted at the overwintering sites in Mexico.

Good point.  Which is why it is healthy to have this bi-annual flinging of
data.  In spite of the preceived or real nastyness or side issues - a whole
lot of very valuable information gets out to the general populace.  Look,
everyone,  Paul and Neil are who and what they are personality wise.  None
of us are going to change that.  None of us have to like one or either of
the messengers.  But, if this delivery system is the only way I am going to
get the data... well, I rather have the data.   Chew off the meat and spit
out the bones, as they say.


PS  To those who have heard it allllll before and the minds are made up..
hey, that's what the delete button is for.   No body makes anyone open and
read anything.

PPS  I just like seeing [leps-talk] in the header.... good advertising :-)

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