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Jim Hanlon jfhanlon at
Sat Dec 18 15:15:58 EST 2004

Before the potential naming of a new subspecies of Agrias aedon, I need to
locate and observe a specimen captured in Santa Marta, Colombia, on 8-3-27,
by Dr Arnold Schultz.

The specimen (or photo of) that i am looking for is described by Schultze in
Deutsche Entom. Zeitschrift Iris, Dresden, 42,1928, p.329, where Schultze
describes and names the subspecies as Agrias aedon magdalenae. The specimen
was later renamed, Agrias aedon schultzei (as the name magdalenae had
previously been used to identify a subspecies of Agrias pericles).

The typical Agrias aedon has a distinct aedon underside with an upper side
that resembles Agrias claudina lugens. Typically, aedon has been noted
throughout history as being the most consistent (or least variable) of all
Agrias species, however, Schultz captured an aedon with more blue on its
wings than the typical aedon, and i have collected three specimens over a
four year period, which have a significant amount of blue, and the specimens
appear to represent a cline from Agrias aedon in Colombia, to Agrias aedon
rodriguezi to the north in costa rica up to Chiapas, Mexico.

Can anyone let me know the two or three largest Natural History Museums in
Germany that might house this Agrias aedon schultzei (magdalenae) specimen?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Hanlon


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