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Sept. 28, 2008

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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 18:45:10 -0400
From: stillgr at aol.com
Subject: Aviyezer Burstin

Dear Mendele: Mit a a yor 15 tsurik hob ikh gekoyft a bukh in a hoyz 
oysfarkoyf "house sale." Dos bukh heyst "Khsidim dertseyln," the mekhaber 
iz Aviyezer Burstin, gedrukt in 1976 fun farlag yud-lamed peretz. Ikh vil 
oysgefinen protim vegn burstinen: geburt yor, plats fun geboyrn, bildung, 
un azoy vaiter. Kh'hob geshribn a briv in farlag ungekrogn an entver in 
november 1997 az zey hobn nit kayn protim un der yidisher shrayber fareyn 
hot oikh nit kayn protim. Efsher kenen di mendelyaner in khafe oysgefinen 
protim vegn im un shikn mir. Efsher hot di natsionale  bibliotek 

A dank in foroys --- Yankl (gerald) Stillman/
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