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March 25, 2012

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Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 10:58:22 -0400 (EDT)
From: SCZUCKER at aol.com
Subject: Candles of Song/Liderlikht: Poems about mothers

English follows Yiddish

Tayere Mendelyaner,

Ir zayt ale hartsik farbetn af mayn "blog" Liderlikht: Lider vegn mames, 
lezeykher mayn mamen, Miryam Perlman Tsuker, z"l, 1914-2012.
Liderlikht gefint zikh do: shevazucker.com/blog.

Yede vokh (hofntlekh) vel ikh arufshteln eyn yidish lid (poezye) vegn 
mames, af Yidish, transliteratsye un in der englisher iberzetsung. Di 
lider vos gefinen  zikh shoyn dortn zaynen:

Vokh 1: Frum-- Rashel Veprinski
Vokh 2: Vi azoy bistu klug gevorn --Malke Kheyfets-Tuzman
Vokh 3: Mame --Reyzl Zhikhlinski
Vokh 4: My kind klapt -- Reyzl Zhikhlinski
Vokh 5: Mame --Gitl Shekhter-Vishvanat
Vokh 6: Fun mayne shlanke glider; Ven--  Rashel Veprinski
Vokh 7: Mayn mame-- Mani Leyb

Ikh vel zikh bamien aruftsushteln dos lid yede vokh biz 9 a zeyger in ovnt 

Ikh farbet aykh oykh tsu leyenen mayn hakdome oder af Yidish oder af 
English, vos git tsu farshteyn dem farvos fun dem proyekt.
Ikh hof az ir vet hanoe hobn fun di lider un az dos vet vern a shtikl 
resurs far mentshn vos zukhn lider vegn mames.

Dear Mendelyaner,

I invite you all to my blog Candles of Song: Yiddish poems about mothers, 
in memory of my mother, Miriam Pearlman Zucker, 1914-2012.

Candles of song can be found at: http://shevazucker.com/blog.

Every week (I hope) I will post one poem about mothers by a Yiddish 
writer,  in Yiddish, transliteration and English translation, accompanied 
by a brief
biography of the poet. The  posting thus far are:

Week 1: Piously -- Rashel Veprinski
Week 2: How Did You Get So Wise, Mama -- Malka Heifetz Tussman
Week 3:  Mama -- Rajzel Zychlinsky
Week 4: My Child Knocks -- Rajzel Zychlinsky
Week 5: Mother -- Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath
Week 6: From My Slender Limbs; If--Rashel Veprinski
Week 7: My Mother --Mani Leyb

I hope to have each new posting by 9 PM on Thursdays.

I invite you also to read my introduction either in Yiddish or in English 
which explains the rationale for this project. It is my hope that you will 
enjoy the poems and that they will become something of a resource for 
people seeking poems about mothers.


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