[Tshwanelex-l] Converting problems to XML

Constanza Cervino constanza.cervino at lideditorial.com
Mon Aug 5 09:56:05 EDT 2013

Yes, sure!

Here you are: the Tlex file, the exported xml and the Excel file, as well as a brief explanation in Word of the problem I am encountering while exporting our dictionary.

Thank you very much in advance.

All the best,

Constanza Cervino 
Editora jefa de Diccionarios LID

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Hi Constanza,

Hmm, would it be possible for you to send me a TLex file with some entries showing the problem? I'd like to try follow your same process here to see what/where/why is happening.

Kind regards,

 - David Joffe

On 2 Aug 2013 at 18:02, Constanza Cervino wrote:

From:	"Constanza Cervino" <constanza.cervino at lideditorial.com>
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Subject:	[Tshwanelex-l] Converting problems to XML

>     Good afternoon,
>     My clients need to have our dictionary in Access format. I have tried to convert the Tlex content 
>     into "XML (Formated)", but once I open it with Excel (to have each entity separated in columns) 
>     the definition and equivalence do not appear, meanwhile it does work with the lemmas and 
>     other fields (that is, the fields for definitions and equivalences that have been originally 
>     programmed within TshwaneLex apparently are not exportable, but the fields that I create for 
>     my purposes as a user are, indeed, being exported into Excel).
>     Is there any way to solve this?
>     Thank you in advance.
>     All the best,
>     Constanza Cervino
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