a japanese film of sixties

Mark Nornes amnornes at umich.edu
Wed Aug 4 10:46:28 EDT 2004

On Aug 4, 2004, at 11:17 PM, Aaron Gerow wrote:

> One possible way of thinking about this is the role of Daiei, and 
> particularly Nagata Masaichi, in such cinematic trade.

I was thinking the same thing, as Nagata was the mover and shaker 
behind the Asia-Pacific Film Festival (or Asian Film Festival as it was 
known back in the early 50s when it started). I once did some research 
on this a while back when preparing a talk on film festivals, but 
didn't get very far. It was a fascinating outfit, as it was basically 
symptomatic of a local economy of film distribution. People in other 
parts of the world never paid much attention to it, but participation 
seems to have been a point of pride for many industries in SE Asia. 
Jakarta was a regular host to the festival, and as far as I could tell 
few Japanese were interested in it besides Nagata.....thus, the 
Java-Daiei connection.

The other biggie behind the festival was Run Run Shaw, so I wonder how 
many of the Hong Kong films that displaced Japanese films came from his 

By the way, the festival and the international organization that runs 
it is still around. The last one was apparently in Fukuoka last June. 
No one I know went....


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