Finding Screenplays

Oliver Dew olidew
Sun Aug 19 06:21:19 EDT 2007

On the subject of finding screenplays, and apologies if this has been  
mentioned before, the Kawakita Memorial website has a great  
bibliographic search database that covers all the major film  
publications including Scenario, and also Kinema Jumpo and Eiga  
Geijutsu. Its records for Scenario go from 1937 up to the present  
day. I find it really useful if you want to find all of the reviews  
and interviews and so on for a specific film title.

It's at:

I've been on the list for a couple of years and haven't actually  
introduced myself yet, though I met at lot of you at Kinema Clubs V  
and VIII. I'm Oliver Dew and I'm still in the fairly early stages of  
a PhD at Birkbeck College, London, looking (amongst other things) at  
the effect that mini-theatres have had on independent cinema in  
Japan. Yoroshiku!

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