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Hi Martin,

the 1982 film is indeed a film Zeze shot (on 8mm) as a student, just like the 1985 ?????????????????(16mm); both are showing at Athene Francais today. His directorial debut for a commercial film was in 1989, the same year as Kitano Takeshi-


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> On additional note, his "Anarchy In Japansuke" will get an US DVD release
> by PinkEiga later this year
> (http://www.pinkeiga.com/films/anarchy-in-japanty/). His new movie "Heavens Story' is about to get a theatrical release
> and clocks around ... 4 hours (details & trailer in jp:
> http://heavens-story.com/).
> Btw, the retro will showcase a movie from 1982
> (???????????????) . Is it a student work ?  He made are short in '85
> which won't be screened (http://www.jmdb.ne.jp/1985/di003720.htm). I'm very
> curious about these pre-Kokuei years flicks, though i will probable have wait
> few decades to see these.
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> Hi everyone,
> if you're in Tokyo and don't have your weekend planned out yet: Athene
> Francais is currently presenting a retrospective of films by Zeze Takahisa,
> showing a wide range of his work from his early 8 & 16mm films to the Pink
> films that made him famous as one of the "Shitenno / 4 devils of Pink" and
> his more mainstream films like Dogstar. 
> There are several talk events attached, each pairing Zeze with a different
> partner in conversation. Today will feature Zeze's longtime script
> collaborator (and director in his own right) Izuchi Kishu, Saturday will have
> Aoyama Shinji, I will be talking with Zeze on Monday, Tuesday will have
> director Katsuya Tomita (Route 20), and Wednesday he will be talking to one of the
> biggest young talents in Japanese cinema, two-time Yubari Fantastic Film
> Festival winner Mariko Tetsuya (Yellow Kid).
> This retrospective is in a way a continuation of the legendary
> retrospective on "new auteurism" in Japanese cinema ("Shin Nihon Sakka Shugi
> Retsuden") held at Athene Francais in 1992/1993, that established the Pink Shitenno
> (the others are Sato Hisayasu, as a brand name and to a certain degree
> legitimatized their - often highly experimental but still "Pink" - films. Zeze
> has proved the only one of the Shitenno that was able to successfully and
> consistently cross over into mainstream film, and he has been going back and
> forth between large commercial projects such as Pandemic (=Kansen
> Retto)and smaller, more personal ones. His latest film, Heaven's Story, that
> debuted at PIA last month, belongs in the latter category.
> Zeze has been widely screened outside of Japan; his film Dream of Garuda
> was one of the films screened at Rotterdam and Vienna in the mid-1990s that
> helped establish Pink film internationally as potential film festival fare,
> with positive and negative side-effects. The film, under the title Koukyuu
> Soap Tekknikku 4, was scripted by Zeze with Aoyama Shinji and Izuchi
> Kishu, and will be showing on Saturday. Other fascinating stuff includes his
> Tokyo x Erotica, a surreal montage of goings-on parallel to the Tianmen Square
> prostests in 1989 and the Sarin subway attacks, or the visually striking
> Raigyo.
> This is a great chance to see the films of one of the most interesting
> directors in recent Japanese cinema- and his range is impressive. For those
> that can spare the time, I definitely recommend going for an entire afternoon
> and catching several of his films in one run. 
> Alex
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