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I remember reading somewhere that the first Japanese TV program in the US was aired in Hawaii in the early 1950s. This was for the Japanese American community. But I can't remember whether this was from an English source or a Japanese source. 


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> Subject: First Japanese TV show in the US
> I'm doing a bit of writing for my dissertation and I want to assert that "Astro Boy" was not only the first Japanese anime program shown on US television, but also the first TV program from Japan shown in the US.
> The first point is pretty easily supported, but I can't seem to find any sources to back up my assertion in the second part.
> Does anyone know if there were any Japanese TV programs that aired in the US before Astro Boy (September 1963)? I haven't come across any, but it's difficult to turn that around into a positive statement.
> Thanks!
> == Brian
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