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I really appreciated reading Markus' report from Yamagata. I greatly regret that I still haven't been there but it was good to get such a descriptive account - thanks.

Pordenone had its own compensations, only two programmes of which were Japanese - the anime programmes.  These got their own section in the catalogue, written by Alex Jacoby and Johan Nordström, so I need not add anything here.

But there is one thing worrying me disproportionately - In the first programme, which included four by Murata Yasuji, it turned out that I had seen one before - Kobutori / Removing the Lump - even though I have no note.  I can see it's on the Digital Meme set, but they haven't come my way.  Is it possible that it was shown at NFC in May2009, during the 'alternative SCMS' ?

The second set were all Ofuji and Ogino, after which Okajima Hisashi and Tochigi Akira from the NFC said a few words about Ogino.
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